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Over twenty years have passed since I organised my first wine tour to Italy, the same number of years that I have been in the restaurant business with my brother at Fratelli Sarti in Glasgow. I still remember the tour, Toscana, Lucca and a number of famous Chianti houses along La Strada del Vino.
The first trip I tried to cram as much as possible into the seven days and I obliged my first guinea pig travellers to change hotel every night for a new town, vineyard and restaurant, not to mention long coach trip, the next day. They obviously enjoyed the experience as many of them have been coming back for the last twenty years.


Now the trips are much better organised - "thank goodness," I hear you say! We move into one hotel and stay there the whole time, the vineyards, restaurants, olive groves and towns are planned so that they are in easy reach and short coach trips away. Some of my friends tell me they miss the lashings of Sambuca, Vecchia Romagna and Grappa I used to give freely on the coach. I soon learned that my tipsy friends were less lightly to complain if the trip was rather long.
We can organise trips for you to almost any wine producing region of Italy you fancy.
Friuli Alto Adige, Veneto, Piemonte, Toscana, Abruzzo, Sicilia and many more.



Toscana Elite can organise visits to the vineyards round Alba in Piemonte, Barolo Barbaresco, Barbera, Arneis, Gavi.
Toscana Elite can plan wonderful trips to Montalcino, Brunello. To Bolgheri, the famous wines of Antinori.
Toscana Elite can take you on a trip from Firenze meandering down La Strada Del Vino, let the wine labels come to life and visit some of the many Chianti houses that are there.

See and learn the many different way in which the grapes are grown, watch as they are harvested, de stemmed and begin their journey towards becoming one of the many fine wines that Italy produce.

Climb down into the ancient cellars where oak barrels have been ageing wine for hundreds of years, see the modern stainless steel cathedrals that the crushed grapes start their life in, all are hidden underground so as not to spoil the wonderful country side around.


Vineyards can be visited all year round, harvest, Vendemmia, happens only between September and November, depending what region of Italy we visit. The vineyards are always interesting to see and there is always plenty to learn at any time of year.

Tasting are always one of the highlights of the visit, these can be arranged as professional tastings In a tasting room or cellar, I find my friends prefer the tastings to accompany a meal, traditional food of the region we are visiting.


Notice I always refer to the travellers who have come on our trips as friends, that is what they instantly become, they soon see that I have a passion for organising these trips so as to show off the wonders of this wonderful country.

Wine tours can be tailor made to suit your requirements and flight times.

For more information please get in contact with me, phone me, text me or send me an e-mail, I will gladly talk to you and answer any questions you may have with absolutely no obligation on your behalf.

As they say in Italia Cin Cin! And Salute!